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We create better spaces. Scott Rice specializes in delivering high-quality workspace design, planning, project management, delivery, installation, relocation and decommissioning. To learn more about our services, continue scrolling down.

Strategic Workspace Design + Planning

Modern-day workspaces must address the diverse approaches people take to accomplish their work.  Your space should promote and reinforce effective collaboration in person or virtually.  The future of the workplace is hybrid collaboration.  To create the best possible hybrid work experience, organizations want to offer a range of spaces and technology solutions to easily support diverse types of collaboration.  The workplace environment you create should foster employee personal growth and well-being while also maintaining an organizational structure.

Project Management

Every dealer in the metro area will claim they have the capability to organize & manage projects of all sizes. Scott Rice has one of the largest & most experienced project management teams in Oklahoma. Complete with a proven track record for managing high security and complex installations throughout the metro area.

Project Manager & Field Supervisors

We currently have 6 project managers across the state that bring a total of 176 years of industry experience. Our dealership also employs 9 Field Supervisors.  The Field Supervisor is responsible for managing all field aspects of Architectural products to exceed customer expectations. Coordinate and communicate all aspects of the on-site activities. Keep all customers & vendors informed of schedules and deliveries. Monitor and work to minimize margin erosion through proactive on-site supervision and process improvement.

Delivery + Installation

Our delivery and installation process is straightforward, swift and efficient. Our trained, professional team of installers and delivery crews will ensure your project is finished smoothly. We maintain a fleet of delivery trucks and service vans. Our vehicles are outfitted with the proper equipment to load, secure and unload furniture products without damage.

Handled With Care

Our delivery personnel take excellent care and pride in delivering damage-free, quality furniture that our customers have come to expect from Scott Rice. We proudly provide services on all Steelcase products and other major product lines. Our high performance and service standards set us apart from the others.

Relocation + Decommissioning

We work hard to help businesses with valuable workspace solutions. Scott Rice offers premium integrated project management services, a powerful tool to reduce risk and cost while also ensuring quality and efficiency.

Asset Deployment and Decommission

We will coordinate the move of all existing furniture planned for reuse in the new space, plus provide warehousing/asset management of other items designated for “future use” or “redeployment”

Steelcase also offers a Phase 2 decommission program for disposal of all assets that have served their useful life at Enable.

The Phase 2 program ensures customers take advantage of environmentally and socially responsible alternatives to traditional landfill decommissioning solutions.

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